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Melvin Nimer – Utah State GOP Treasurer

For the past two years I have been serving the Salt Lake County Republican Party as Treasurer, overseeing the budget process, the audits, and maintaining the records & paying the bills for the county party.

• I am also a member of the State Republican Party Central Committee and a member of both the audit and budget committees.

• Prior to that I was a precinct chair and a member of the County Central Committee, and a county delegate, a state delegate, and was also the Senate 2 chair and a member of the County Party Executive Committee. And I’m currently serving the County Party as Legislative District 44 Chair.

• I’ve been a Reagan & Goldwater Republican all my adult life. I’m a true conservative that believes in limited government on a national and state level, and in the power of local control wherever possible. I’m also a strong supporter of the Caucus/Convention system and want to ensure that our party is also in compliance with the law – specifically SB54 while it is the law.

• In 2010 the County Party asked me to step in and run for the Utah Senate from District 2 to fill the slot vacated by the previously elected nominee – and run against Ben McAdams. That was my first foray into running for an elected position. Two years later I ran for the At Large seat on the County Council and made it out of convention and into a primary with 45% of the delegate votes. Two years later I ran again for the Salt Lake County Council At Large seat and was defeated at convention by my friend, Micah Brunner.

• I’m an accountant with over 40 years experience in managing company and organization finances. I’m also a small business owner, and an aviation enthusiast & pilot. My accounting practice is New Start Business Services Inc. and I’m the controller and/or CFO for a number of small businesses in the area. I’ve worked in various industries including long distance telecommunications, restaurants, travel agencies, electronics manufacturing, large equipment service and repairs, and laser cartridge recharging just to name a few. I’ve prepared budgets for small and large organizations, and worked with auditors, vendors, contractors, as well as with top company management and owners. Check out www.newstartbiz.com for more information.

• I’m also the co-owner of Air Sim Corp where we provide live air traffic control communication training services to flight schools along the Wasatch Front. You can see more about this company at www.airsimcorp.com.

• Over the years I’ve served on various Boards of for-profit and non-profit organizations in the community, and served as Treasurer, Vice President, President, and Board Chairman at different times. I’ve been a scout leader, church leader, and am the father of four and the grandfather of 10. 

I am the only candidate that has the financial and business background as well as the knowledge of political party activities that is critical to fulfilling the responsibilities of the Treasurer. I want to bring this background and experience to the Utah Republican Party and my vision of a more inclusive & responsive government. I want to help get good Republicans elected that will help make Utah an even better place to live and work – a place where all voices and ideas are welcome, where your government listens and responds, and where you can hold your elected officials accountable for representing you.


Nimer Family at Convention

With Governor & Mrs. Herbert

With Governor & Mrs. Herbert